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Lithium Energy Package Up to nine straight days of power*. That’s something only a Niesmann+Bischoff can offer.

Independence, no matter when or where. That’s what motorhomes were made for. Thanks to our latest “clou”, the Arto and the Flair by Niesmann+Bischoff now give you maximum independence with maximum convenience. On our endless quest for perfection, we’ve reached the next milestone. With the new Lithium Energy Package, we’ve linked the highest quality components to ensure our clients can get the most out of self-sufficient energy provision in their Niesmann+Bischoff.

Three times more
independence for your holidays.

The Lithium Energy Package combines cutting-edge energy supply technology and
consists of the following three components:

Solar modules
Two solar modules with 220 watts (upgradable to max. 440 watts) on the roof with a MPPT solar controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for optimal energy supply even when it’s cloudy. Increased stability thanks to an integrated aluminium panel and 80 % less weight compared to conventional framed glass modules.

Three lithium batteries with 300 Ah (3 x 100 Ah = 285 Ah useable capacity) including a charging booster, battery monitor and battery management display.

Combi Charger
100 A combi charger with inverter (from 12 V to 230 V) with 3,000 W continuous output.


Your next destination:
ultimate relaxation.

No water pump, no lights. No coffee machine, no hair dryer, no vacuum cleaner – nothing works without power these days. It’s never been possible to truly relax if that liberating power socket is too far away. Until now: our Lithium Energy Package makes endless worrying about your motorhome’s power supply a thing of the past.


  • Approximately nine days of self-sufficiency with typical electricity consumption
  • Minimal drop in voltage, even when under an intense load.
  • Optimal energy supply with the solar modules, even under diffuse lighting conditions
  • Rapid battery charging thanks to a high charging current
  • Increased battery lifespan by up to five-fold
  • Reduced battery weight (decrease in weight per useable Ah approx. 70 %)
  • Winterproof system: low self discharge, also safe to use in winter
  • Controlled and monitored with the smartphone app
  • ETFE surface coating on the solar modules, extremely robust (accessible)

Take matters into your own hands –
with your smartphone.

Discover the convenience of controlling the Lithium Energy Package with its app. All of the key charging and history data are displayed on the screen in the app. You have full control over all of the main functions with Bluetooth, which also makes it possible to transfer software updates to the system as needed.

Ready for maximum independence?

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*Typical consumption includes average user behaviour with: 5 hrs 20 W lights (100 Wh),
4 hrs TV (70 Wh), 10 mins travel hair dryer (130 Wh), standby consumption, phone
charging, step, water pump, ventilation.