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Smove Arrived and accepted

Niesmann+Bischoff presents the Premium compact class

Düsseldorf/Polch, 26th August 2016 – “This vehicle represents a milestone in the history of our company. Created for all those who love urban lifestyle and are searching for a manoeuvrable motorhome which makes no compromises in the interior fittings and also totally convinces customers over longer distances.” When Hubert Brandl, Managing Director of Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH, talks about the new Premium compact class, you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice. After all, the Smove combines the best of both worlds: it is a low profile vehicle, which looks like a Liner. A smaller, lighter motorhome for an active, more spontaneous target group. And its name is as dynamic as the vehicle is manoeuvrable: Smove is a combination of the words “smart” and “move”.


A low centre of gravity and the dynamics of a car

On the outside, the lines of the vehicle are characteristic for Niesmann+Bischoff, as it is also the case for the Arto und Flair. The B-pillar, which has been positioned further to the rear, and the windscreen running almost seamlessly into the roof, make the power head form a visual unit with the Smove – giving it an aerodynamic advantage. In addition, the specially-reinforced B-pillars ensure a sturdy connection between the structure and the cab. Together with the low centre of gravity, this gives the vehicle the dynamics of a car, which also fits snugly on the road even on the bends. Numerous features such as the wood-free box structure and the double floor in the torsionally-rigid 2-sided aluminium sandwich construction with styrofoam insulation and the generous feeling of space have been adopted from the larger Liners. So what makes this vehicle semi-integrated? Its slimline, compact dimensions, the low access height, its manoeuvrability and the permitted total mass of 3.5 tonnes (optionally up to 4.5 tonnes), allowing holders of a class B license to drive it. Hubert Brandl says the following about the Smove challenge: “The vehicle is a completely new development regarding the connection from the motorhome cabin to the power head in the low profile class.”


Three-dimensional rear section design

The total length of the vehicle is up to 7.43 metres; its total width is 2.25 metres. Its outstanding feature is its integrative design, with flowing shape transitions in all areas of the vehicle. The panoramic front is made of robust GRP, double-walled and insulated. The ClouLine design with the distinctive black radiator grille border and other extras are part of the special equipment. The taillights, camera and diffusor are integrated into the threedimensional design rear section. The large rear garage provides plenty of space for a bike, surfboard and golf bag – and an optional, practical sliding door to save space. All units are integrated into the heated double floor to protect them against frost, which makes the motorhome’s centre of gravity very low. The fresh water capacity is 140 litres; a further 60 litres are optionally available. The wastewater tank comprises 120 litres. In addition to the two 11 kg gas bottles, a 50 litre gas tank is optionally available as well as an underfloor air conditioning system. This special equipment is otherwise only known on the Liners.


Innovative interior solutions – not just in the bathroom or kitchen

The roof shape is highly aerodynamic. The flush panoramic roof is optionally available with an electrical sliding roof, which can be operated from the cab. From the entrance area into the kitchen right up to the sleeping area, the standing height remains a comfortable 1.98 metres. Circumferential wall cupboards, which run seamlessly past the B-pillars and the distances between which widen as they run towards the rear to the centre of the vehicle (V-shape), add to the feeling of living comfort. The cupboards with plenty of storage space can be opened using the convenient “push-to-open” flaps, which Niesmann+Bischoff customers are already familiar with from the Arto and Flair. The walking floor is particularly durable due to the vinyl coating in wood structure. The Vario-bathroom area reveals innovation within the smallest of spaces: the washbasin and toilet can be pivoted away, revealing the largest shower in this vehicle class. The Smove also has generously-sized single beds of two metres in length, or alternatively a large transverse double bed, with the same length and a width of 1.5 metres.

In the innovative kitchen concept with a worktop made of safety glass, the smart sideboard transforms in a single working step to become a perfectlyequipped loft kitchen. On board, a wide diversity of upholstery solutions with new materials such as pure new wool in trendy pastel shades or rustic buffalo leather in brown await you – part of the bright new interior world. This world can also optionally feature the “Cool Stuff” interior fittings, with, amongst other things, the living room window panels in Spider Champagne. In addition, Niesmann+Bischoff offers five attractive equipment packs, containing for example the comfort seats for driver and passenger, important chassis extras or multimedia options from a radio via a 22-inch LED television, right up to the Oyster Cytrac Vision satellite system.


Four layouts and two body lengths

The Smove is available from March 2017. Four layouts, two each in a seating area group or bar version, are available for selection: in addition to the 7.4 metre-long layouts 7.4 B and 7.4 E with individual beds, Niesmann+Bischoff also provides versions 6.9 B and 6.9 Q, which are half a metre shorter with a transverse bed.

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