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Event cancellation No “Open days” this year

Dear Sir or Madam,
to our dear fans,

Last year we cancelled our “Open Day”, full of optimism that we would be able to celebrate our 40th anniversary together with you this year. Following lengthy discussions and considerations about how the Open Day could be held, with a heavy heart, we have taken the decision to cancel our popular event once again this year.

In the years preceding the pandemic, the first weekend in November was always a fixed date in our calendar. We were able to welcome an average of 400 motorhomes from all over Europe to Polch. As we do not know what rules will apply to events with exhibitors and a live band in November, it is difficult to make any reliable plans at the present time. We therefore do not think that the spontaneous chats and cosy sense of togetherness, which are what make our “Open Day” what it is and are so appreciated by everyone, would be possible this year either.

We will have to be patient until such a time as we’re able to extend a warm welcome to you all once again: with factory tours in several languages, presentations of our latest models, direct discussions with exhibitors and our employees and, last but not least, the party in the marquee with live music and dancing.

Your Niesmann+Bischoff Team

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