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NEWS “Promobil” Readers’ Choice

The new Flair generation elected “Motorhome of the Year”

From the smallest to the largest one – all of them are standing out: Niesmann+Bischoff’s iSmove, Arto and Flair models have once again taken top positions in the “promobil” readers’ choice awards. The fact that the readers of Europe's largest trade magazine have chosen our models out of so many participants and put them up on the podium is a great success, which we would like to share with you. After all, you – our customers, partners and fans – also have a share in this achievement. Therefore, it was all the more lovely to have recently received these three fantastic awards.

Particularly outstanding is the top position of our Flair, which has been awarded “Motorhome of the Year” in the liner category for the eighth time in a row. Moreover, the Flair even extends its lead by increasing its share of votes from 38.5 percent in the last year to 43.7 percent this year – and that with a completely new interior design, which we only introduced last year. The awarding with the German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design Conceptional Transportation” category at the end of 2022 has already shown how well accepted the completely new interior design is. Furthermore, our Flair was also able to convince the international expert jury of the European Innovation Award and to win the best placement in the categories “Design Interior” and “Safety”.

There are even more good news. The iSmove and Arto also scored well in this year’s “promobil” readers’ choice awards – and collected two medals in the large category of “Full Integrated Motorhomes over 95,000 euros”. While the Arto claimed bronze, the iSmove missed out on the gold medal by just 0.5 percent, scoring a strong second place.

We are very honored for winning these numerous awards and would like to thank all the “promobil” readers for their trust and their votes.

Caught your interest? Then put together your very own “Motorhome of the Year” with our vehicle configurator.

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