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This motorhome breaks all the rules The new iSmove

Anyone considering purchasing a motorhome first has to make the most fundamental of all decisions: do I want a compact vehicle that is agile, flexible and can easily be driven with any driving licence, or would I rather have lots of space, masses of storage and the luxurious feel of a liner? Having both is hardly possible. With less than 3.5 tonnes, there’s often little room left for cosiness and a great sense of space after the necessary features have been added.

And that is particularly disappointing for young campers. Because anything with more than 3.5 tonnes is simply not an option for this generation without a licence that permits anything heavier. But forgoing space, luxury and design in the interior is not an option either. Calls have therefore been growing louder in recent years for a premium motorhome weighing less than 3.5 tonnes.

The perfect answer is now provided by us. With the new iSmove, we have successfully built a fully-integrated motorhome with significantly more room and a higher payload than could ever have been hoped for in this class. And we have also responded to the new demands made in terms of comfort and design.


A new generation of motorhomes for a new generation of campers

“With the iSmove, we have maximised premium quality by focusing on the essentials with a host of clever features. The result is a new motorhome for a new generation of customers who want to make the most out of every moment of their lives”, said Managing Director Hubert Brandl. To achieve that, he and our team completely rethought the entire motorhome and questioned every aspect that had once been considered a fixed rule. We started with the rule that a motorhome with room for up to five people, comfortable beds, masses of storage, an ample payload and a generous sense of space is simply not feasible with less than five tonnes.

With a multitude of new ideas, particularly in the architecture and design of the interior, we rendered this and many other rules null and void while mastering the balancing act between premium design and functionality. Features such as an extendable working surface and electric lifting shelf in the kitchen, the double use of space in the bathroom and a lifting bed that melds seamlessly into the ceiling offer all passengers an abundance of open space. Cosiness is provided by acoustic walls and a dark anthracite ceiling.

All in all, with the new iSmove we have created a motorhome that perfectly meets every need while also making the question “compact or premium?” a thing of the past.


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