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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you appreciate your motorhome time even more when it’s suddenly limited!

Which is why we’re sharing our everyday motorhome life with you today along with our favourite parts of the day, our top taste treats when on the road and Marygold’s Stranddeko-appropriate decor.

An absolute must for us is a fantastic breakfast to start each day. It includes fresh rolls, orange juice, eggs, and homemade jam. Our special trick for rolls if there aren’t any bakeries nearby is to take frozen rolls out of the freezer compartment at night and then crisp them up in the morning. We make our coffee “like nan” with a kettle and filter in a biiiiig pot so there’s enough for both of us. Our afternoon coffee comes out of our Nespresso machine, and with all the power that’s built into Marygold, being off the grid is no problemo. Who needs mains electricity? Then it’s time to relax at the breakfast table, read and scroll around on our phones. A successful start to the day.

A long-standing Stranddeko feature that we could not do without is our driftwood ticket holder. Bo used a simple nail to attach a wooden clothes peg to the beachcombed treasure, which holds our campsite or travel tickets as a genuine one-of-kind piece. And then there’s our string of shells, which has travelled with us in every motorhome from the very beginning and always catches people’s attention on our dashboard. We collected the shells by hand in Spain, of course!

In winter we like to spend our time indoors working on our blog or editing pictures and videos … even a workday or two are pretty enjoyable in here! We like to add some flowers to give us a bit of spring colour.

But of course, the days we like best are when we empty out the entire rear garage, put together our surf toys like wetsuits and kites and surfboards and get them wet so we can dry them off again.

And after sports, we quickly hop under a warm shower and the world looks even better.

Then it’s time for dinner, and this is where we want to share our four favourite motorhome cooking methods, which we use depending on the season and weather.

And all that cooking is no problem at all thanks to the generous water provisions, as we also do the washing up in Marygold.

First place is taken by fresh, homemade pesto. We’re always happy to eat pasta! The ingredients vary based on what’s available at the local supermarket. It’s easy to make with the little Tupperware whip-whir thing, isn’t too messy to clean up, is quick and tastes soooooo good!

Second place: whenever the weather somehow allows for it, Bo likes to sizzle away on his beloved “stool stove” using the external gas point – which you’ve definitely already heard about in other articles.

Third place is a newcomer – the Omnia stovetop oven. It makes it really easy to bake casseroles and all kinds of things both indoors and outdoors. We love anything that’s au gratin!

Fourth place: our winter dishes – cheese fondue and raclette – both with candle power! Okay, we heat up the fondue on the hob first. But raclette really does work just with a candle and a bit of time and patience. Super cosy winter evenings in your motorhome are guaranteed!

And then obviously the chip shop is unrivalled!! We always have them as a snack! That gives Marygold the day off.

And before you know it, it’s already evening. There’s nothing we enjoy more than sitting in the front of Marygold and enjoying the view. Bo’s regular spot is the driver’s seat. Frohmi’s favourite spot is the lounge where you have an excellent view of everything. And, of course, we always like having a view of the water! Even when the weather is unpleasant, it’s always super hyggelig in Marygold with the heater on.

To top it all off, we have a whisky to complete the evening. Our love of whisky developed in Scotland. You can read about our trip here:
Stranddeko - Scotland Road Trip

The picture of the whisky was taken in the mirror from the bathroom window. Which means Marygold basically has her very own hall of mirrors! We’re also always on the lookout for Stranddeko accessories, which is how this magnificent octopus cushion took its place on the bed this year. Dreams about the sea and far off places are guaranteed!

If you’d like to see more interior pictures, take a look at these two articles:

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We hope you enjoyed this bit of insight into our everyday routine!
Bye for now!

Your Stranddekos

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