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PROTOTYPE TEST WITH A TWIST Family-Flair on Family-Tour

We have a world premiere for you today!


A world premiere in Toscany - Outside a Flair - Inside with a lot of new "Clou inside"

Our Managing Director Hubert Brandl spontaneously decided to make you part of his family holiday – and there’s a good reason for that. The Brandls didn’t spend their holiday in a standard Niesmann+Bischoff, but rather in a specially created prototype: the Family Flair. But why and how?  We’ll let our managing director tell you himself:

The best ideas come to you when you least expect them – which is usually in the hustle and bustle of life or simply through experience. And that’s exactly what happened after rain kept us inside during our last holiday. We made it our mission to create a motorhome that makes every camping holiday a total success regardless of the weather and without any bored kids fidgeting about. Apropos kids – as they were basically the inspiration for it all, Samuel, Benji and Josephina will be personally presenting the new Family Flair:

Video 2: Presentation of the family-Flair by Samuel, Benji and Josephina

“Mega cool” – is our brief initial feedback after the first five days. Nonetheless, we have noticed some issues in the living area that still need some work for more convenient usage. But that kind of insight is exactly what a prototype is for. And as a family of five, we’ve certainly given the Family Flair a thorough testing, which means we can now give our talented team of experts details about potential improvements and all get straight to work on this exciting project. And from experience, I can tell you that every employee in our factory loves these kinds of challenges.

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you won’t believe us! We’ve made a real dream come true and were able to put a special “Clou inside” in the Family Flair. And because we’re no good at keeping secrets, most especially when it has to do with a real world premiere, we’ll let you know what we managed to pull off in our next video. What we can proudly say is that a walk-in wardrobe is something you’ll only find in our vehicles as we had it patented.


Compact yet still a wellness oasis: that was the fundamental idea behind the bathroom. Especially when the whole family is on holiday and your wife prefers showering in the motorhome, the bathroom shouldn’t take up too much space, but still needs to have a big shower and room for moisturising, blow drying and make-up – basically everything you need for that wellness feeling. And we think we managed to do just that – but go ahead and take a look for yourself:

Action is the name of the game during a family holiday – so it’s a good thing we put a “chill-out corner” in the Family Flair where you can kick back and relax after a day full of adventure. Especially since that is probably one of the biggest challenges, even for us as a manufacturer of premium motorhomes. But there’s no challenge that the creative minds at Niesmann+Bischoff can’t get the best of. Samuel, Benji and Josephina show you how a bed can turn into a lounge area while also passing on some expert tips about how to fold bed linens properly:

Although even the best holiday has to come to an end, that also means an exciting project phase is about to begin. The development department and management team held a meeting and made a unanimous decision for the Family Flair to go into serial production! Now everyone can hardly wait to get started on the prototype and improvements. Are you still curious about the final feedback on the family holiday in the Family Flair prototype? That’s something we would definitely like to share with you:

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