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Part II On the Road with Marygold (Arto 85 E, Face to Face)

As much as the inner technical qualities of Marygold, which we talked about in our last story, very much matter– her most striking special feature is her gold, champagne, bronze, anthracite, silver, brown paint.

It’s listed as “Lambo grey metallic glossy” in the order. For the experts among you: N+B often has a matt grey “Lambo Arto” on display at trade shows. That’s the same colour Marygold has now, but with a glossy finish. And hey, we picked it out with N+B on a little sample piece. And in real life, Marygold looks way more impressive than any picture in the world could ever convey. We easily already have 200 pictures in our attempt to find THE picture that really does justice to the paint. No chance of that happening! Depending on inclination, time of day, weather and mood, madame always looks different and is far from showing just anyone her golden self! So make a quick stop if you see us to take her in from all sides, it’s worth it! We definitely chose the right colour, phew! We’ve put together a collection of the prettiest colour combos for you:

The question was which personalised accent foil matches a colour like this… Our beloved Marilyn-blue unfortunately didn’t match the colour. We chose the champagne matt foil from the range. So now we’re pretty much all sand on the road, which also matches our name. You don’t usually notice the accent colour, which makes the combination look very chic and sophisticated. And this we can tell you, we get even more attention in Marygold than in Marilyn. Everybody looks with these huge eyes and asks themselves: is it really a motorhome and not a spaceship? At least that’s what it seems like to us.

But now let’s return to the inner values. When the face to face layout came out a while ago, we knew it was just our thing! We had an Arto 79 R a while back, our princess, that had the same layout and we thought it was great! That’s how we immediately knew that Marygold was going to have this layout. The L-shaped kitchen isn’t available with the face to face layout, so the kitchen is straight and gives you a big dance floor at the entry J. Which makes it great for us for putting on wetsuits inside during winter. There is so much room in the huge drawers!
We were a bit sceptical about the pale wood Verade Oak to begin with. We combined it with the glossy door fronts. Together, they make the entire interior really welcoming and bright. The glossy doors and black leather upholstery add an elegant finishing touch. Bo doesn’t really care about the colour of the cushion covers, as long as they’re black ;). I have to tell you that such a broad selection doesn’t make it any easier J

We enjoyed the rest of the remaining summer weekends by the sea. We obviously went to Brouwersdam quite often, our home away from home, which we very much missed. We had lots of wind and were able to practice our new sport, wing foiling. The combination of wind surfing and kite surfing really has us hooked. It’s so much less complicated and gives you an even greater sense of freedom, even though it looks so strange. Fortunately, all of the new toys still fit in the well-stocked rear garage!

We experienced fantastic sunrises and spectacular sunsets and never stopped marvelling at the colour-mirror-magic that Marygold provides.

And obviously the big LED-TFT in the 32" media tower was a must in Marygold! The SAT system Oyster V 85 Vision with app control also gets good reception, as you can see in the picture… Here too: just because you didn’t know you needed it before, doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy to have ;). Sorry, but sometimes you just have to say it like it is. It’s easy to fold out the TV, and then your film night can begin. In summer, our TV intake is often limited to a few minutes of lullaby-TV in bed on the second TV. Since we fortunately have a generous data plan for our phone, we’ve already tried plugging in an Amazon stick and are really looking forward to cosy winter film nights! The matching multimedia package delivers the matching sound. What’s really cool and chic is that you don’t actually see the speakers in the wall units anymore. That obviously gives you some super clean lines. The sound basically comes out of nowhere.

Something else that’s new in Marygold is the Alpine navigation system. It was our first choice, because it works with Apple CarPlay and impressed us with its user friendliness and menu navigation.

After we spent several weekends having a good romp at Brouwersdam, we felt drawn to other places and the urge to discover new destinations prevailed. We drove further south one weekend to the Netherlands and spent a beautiful summer day on the beach in Domburg, collected some shades of sea-sky-blue with the camera and counted perfect little clouds. If you ever go there in summer, be careful where you park on the asphalt of the dam. When it’s warm, the tyres can sink quite a bit into the tar over the gravel. From there, you can drive over the dike to Westkapelle and shoot a few Marygold star photos next to the little lighthouse! Definitely a trip that we would recommend.

On a stormy weekend, we found a nice spot “round the corner”, just 30 kilometres from home. It’s all too easy to forget that it’s also gorgeous right nearby. In Roermond, there’s a new campsite on a Meuse lake that is walking distance (approx. 2.5 kilometres) from the city and the big outlet. There’s now room for 18 motorhomes. We can wing foil here or do some stand-up paddleboarding in summer. In the picture, we’re parked next to the construction site, but the campsite is finished now. It does not have power, however, or supply and disposal services. In addition to the outlet, Roermond is also a city worth visiting for some shopping and discovering fun.

So that was how the initial excitement surrounding the new, fantastic Marygold gradually settled over the summer, and we’ve gotten very accustomed to one another! But now we’re really raring to go on a real road trip with a few additional kilometres! After all, that’s a requirement for proper care of an Arto! And we’re even looking forward to some colder and darker days to really test the energy package and thoroughly enjoy the TV. Whether or not we manage to this year and where we end up is something we’ll share in the next story!

See you soon!
Your Stranddekos

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