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Rockenfeller vs. Glock –

Challenge accepted: Mike Rockenfeller and Timo Glock are ready to find out

Plenty of PS, roaring engines and screeching tyres – it all gets the hearts of DTM fans racing. But why drive a “normal” race car when you can take on a new challenge instead?

It’s Sunday morning with the birds chirping as the first rays of sunlight spread warm light across the asphalt of Bilster Berg Racetrack which curves through park-like terrain. It’s still not clear what kind of exceptional event is about to unfold. The two professional racing drivers Timo Glock and Mike Rockenfeller are already awake. As genuine pros, they throw on their racing gear and make their way to the track holding their helmets under their arms.

Right next to their race cars today, two rather uncommon guests are waiting for them: two of our Smove motorhomes, fresh from a pit stop. With just one look, the two have already decided: “challenge accepted!”

Today they’re trading in their DTM racing cars for “a somewhat different kind of motorhome”. They shake on it and off they go! Timo Glock and Mike Rockenfeller slide behind the steering wheels of the sporty, semi-integrated vehicles and roll side by side to the start line. They anxiously concentrate on the start light: with every signal, more adrenaline rushes and then finally, at the fifth signal, the vehicles take off. What a start! If you think the two racing drivers get off to a slow start due to driving an unfamiliar vehicle, you’re quite mistaken! Instead, the pros seriously put the pedal to the metal in a neck-and-neck race, with some tyres even screeching in some of the bends.

The drivers are impressed by the exceptional driving characteristics of the Smove since it does not handle at all like a standard motorhome.

“At speeds of 160, the Smove drives just like it looks: effortlessly sporty. Relaxed handling, optimal aerodynamics, a low centre of gravity and perfect road holding, even in tight bends,” summarised Glock.

Curious to learn more? Go ahead and take a look for yourself to see how the somewhat different kind of duel between Timo Glock and Mike Rockenfeller turns out on the Bilster Berg Racetrack:

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