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Factory Our craftsmanship is
among the finest

If there is one idea that defines our work at Niesmann+Bischoff, it is surely “attention to detail”. We are architects, engineers, a multitude of craftsmen and installers — yet no matter what we do, we are all united by a common desire to achieve perfection, right down to the smallest details. Craftsmanship is an important part of our daily work. And we are convinced you will notice this each and every time you are on the road in a Flair, Arto or iSmove.

“Our passion is to manufacture motorhomes to the highest quality standards.“

The choice of materials plays a decisive role here. We follow a maxim: the higher the quality of the individual materials, the higher the quality of the processing and the final product.

A good example is our wood film. It is highly durable, 3D and scratch-resistant — it simply cannot be easily damaged. And our upholstery fabrics are so well finished that they can withstand literally thousands of testing cycles.

We invest a lot of time in the production of your motorhome. For others, this may be a luxury. For us it’s a smart investment, because most of the mistakes occur when people are expected to perform at a high level in hectic, pressurised environments. And at Niesmann+Bischoff, we expect high performance from our entire team. However, some trades simply need a bit more time in order to deliver something truly special. Time to mature. Like our side panels. In an unusual step, we store them overnight after they have been pressed, instead of installing them on the day they are produced. Why? Because this storage period is the secret to our smooth walls, from which you benefit in the long term, because nothing twists or bulges.

“Made in Polch is our seal of quality.”

“Made in Polch” is our seal of quality. And anyone who has stood with us in our large production hall, watching the different trades working hand in hand in the truest sense of the word, knows that we simply do not compromise. Instead, we work day after day with passion and dedication to create motorhomes, which will not only take you in safety to your dream destinations, but also make the journey as enjoyable as possible.