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Arto – the compact liner. A dynamic driving experience for ambitious destinations.

Fascination in motion

Dark A-pillars
Automotive design
GRP rear section
Unforgettable looks
Unmistakably appealing

Extraordinary design language

The striking unity of the Flair’s front, sides and rear reflects the very latest in modern automotive design. Accents are provided by the dark A-pillars.

Automotive design meets sporting lines

The unique Arto-design: an automotive appearance with sporty lines and convex and concave shapes as well as the seamless connection of the front and rear. Its well-balanced proportions further enhance our Arto’s handsome looks.

GRP rear section manufactured to
the highest quality standards

We manufacture all front and rear sections using highly tear and scratch-resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The benefit of this material is that light scratches can be polished out with Gelcoat paste and minor damage can be easily filled and varnished (spot repair).

Unforgettable looks

The front of the Arto showcases the vehicle’s dynamism with our unique combined running lights/indicators, subtle chrome details and the brand logo in the centre — Arto is unmistakably handsome.

Where car meets liner
Optimum road holding with the Arto
An even more automotive driving experience
Arrive safely and relaxed at your destination
A dynamic drive

Where car meets liner

A glance at the Arto’s distinctive design reveals features that are standard in the automobile industry: e.g. the moulded wheel arches and the combined daytime running lights and indicators. However, once you sit behind the wheel, you’ll enjoy the unique panoramic view you only get with a liner.

Optimum road holding with the Arto

The AL-KO low-frame chassis with super-wide gauge, the clever location of the large water tanks and the central placement of the batteries under the raised floor all combine to ensure the Arto’s centre of gravity is as low as possible — for superior road holding that feels almost like a car.

An even more automotive driving experience

Your Arto motorhome offers a better driving experience than comparable vehicles of equal size — thanks to our ingenious solutions. For example, we’ve reinforced the AL-KO low-frame chassis with solid crossbars and longitudinal struts. A lot of effort, but with great results: the Arto benefits from particularly high stiffness and optimal running stability.

Arrive safely and relaxed at your destination

Hill start assist, an electronic limited slip differential and hill decent control are fitted as standard. The LED daytime running lights and large bus mirrors with integrated blind-spot mirrors are also standard equipment. Your back will also enjoy every mile thanks to our comfortable and optional SKA seats, which can be adapted to perfectly suit every body shape and size thanks to their numerous adjustment options.


Your freedom must be boundless

Our idea of using retractable seatbelt supports means a partition wall is completely unnecessary and clears the way for maximum roominess without limits.

The lightness of simplicity

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that give us a certain lightness — in no time at all, the seatbelt supports and seatbelts disappear behind the backrest of the rear seat. Then simply pull out the headrest and stow it away.

The essentials

Inside, you can enjoy pure freedom.

Travel without limits

Not just one perfect solution, but 500

When designing your cushions and upholstery, you are entirely free to choose from over 500 design combinations for your new home. All designs can be subsequently changed at any time — including the cabinet fronts, naturally.

Your versatile home from home
360° recording
Arto- the interactive tour
Answers to your questions
What are the main differences between the Arto and Flair?
The biggest difference lies in the base vehicle and chassis. The Arto is based on a Fiat Ducato and is equipped with an AL-KO low-frame chassis, it has front-wheel drive. The Flair stands on an IVECO Daily chassis and rear-wheel drive.

The Arto has a height and width of 2,950 mm/2,320 mm, for the Flair these dimensions are 3,300 mm/2,390 mm.
Is there an Arto with a driver’s cab door?
Yes, this is an available option. However, 80% of our Arto customers consciously choose the Arto without a driver’s cab door — as is typical for the liner class. The vehicle benefits from superior insulation this way.
Is there an Arto with a fixed-tank toilet?
This option, which includes a 120-litre tank and electric slide, is only available in the larger Arto 85 E, 88 EK and 88 LF models.
What is the shortest model in the Arto range?
The Arto 77 E with an exterior length of 7.78 metres. The longest models are 8.76 metres.
On which chassis is the Arto built?
Always on a Fiat Ducato base with the AL-KO low-frame chassis.
Interior equipment
Is there an Arto with a lifting bed?
All models are equipped with a lifting bed as standard. Optionally, this can be replaced by front wall cabinets.
Maximum number of seats with a seat belt?
Depending on the layout, up to five seats are equipped with seat belts.