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Definitely our DNA.

Less than 3.5 tonnes.
Beyond all expectations.

Compact always means you have to make sacrifices in terms of space. Compact always means you have to make sacrifices in terms of space.

No room for rules.
Extraordinarily open interior.

A sense of space like that of a liner doesn’t exist with a length of 7 metres and less than 3.5 tonnes. Is what we had thought too. Until we really went all out. In terms of space and ideas.

Clear lines of sight

Holidays mean freedom. In the iSmove, everything that once took up room now automatically makes it. Electrically or by hand.

Anthracite headliner

It’s commonly believed that dark ceilings make rooms feel smaller. Yet it’s the anthracite headliner that makes the iSmove so incredibly cosy. The rest is taken care of by the felt walls* for delightfully soothing acoustics.

Windowless entry door

Where did the idea come from that the only door in an integrated motorhome needs a window, and why? Doesn’t a motorhome look better both inside and out when you leave out the window and seamlessly integrate the entry door?

Invisible storage space

Wall units where they don’t disturb you and storage space where you need it – but don’t see it. The concept has been a great success. We were not only able to provide more room, but also more storage space.

A proper kitchen needs a proper amount of space. A proper kitchen needs a proper amount of space.

The expandable kitchen. Grows to meet its challenges.

Just imagine a kitchen in a motorhome that only shows its true greatness when needed. And then basically disappears for the remaining 22 hours of the day. Much like the clever features in our premium kitchen package*

Maximise the kitchen

Electric kitchen shelf*

With the lifting kitchen shelf, all your cooking essentials are always at hand. And then disappear after you’re done so you only see them when you need them. Sinks into obscurity. Electrically, of course.

Pull-out cutting board*

It’s nice to really spread your culinary wings and fly while cooking. That applies to the cook just as much as it does to the kitchen. And this kitchen is guaranteed to provide enough space with its pull-out cutting board.

Extendable working surface*

You can never have too much working surface in the kitchen. Which is why it can easily be extended in the iSmove. So both you and your kitchen can go above and beyond while cooking.

Compressor refrigerator*

The iSmove is top shelf. Our compressor refrigerator is top drawer. And that is exactly why we put its 138-litres of storage space and standardised restaurant-grade containers in a drawer. Which means fewer distracting individual elements and more open space.

Back seats always have to face forward. Back seats always have to face forward.

Our rotating back seat. Opens up brand new perspectives on the road.

An open-plan living space with a cosy face-to-face lounge area and enough room for three more safe belted seats. We invented a rotating bench seat* that transforms from a safe seat into a couch with just one easy step as soon as you are off the road. That’s unique, which is why it’s another clever feature that we patented. And on the opposite side, we also built in an optional fifth seat.

A lifting bed is not attractive, but convenient. A lifting bed is not attractive, but convenient.

The new slim-design lifting bed. You only see it when you need it.

Our lifting bed* is truly a sight to behold. Assuming you can find it. Thanks to its slim design, it simply disappears into the anthracite ceiling. We were so taken with the solution that we patented it.

The shower is really only for using in an emergency. The shower is really only for using in an emergency.

Smart sliding mechanism. For twice as much space in the bathroom.

Let’s be honest. A fully fledged shower is something you only see in liners. How would it work otherwise? You basically need twice as much space. Or you simply use the same space for two things. Like we did. With our patented solution: a sliding shower that simply disappears when you don’t need it.

You only have electricity and water on a campsite. You only have electricity and water on a campsite.

Days of self-sufficient travelling.

We think freedom means more than going from one campsite to the next. Which is why we’ve equipped the iSmove so it can travel self-sufficiently for several days. Which means you can do whatever you want. Under your rules.

 Fester Gastank Frischwassertank Echte Autarkie Großzügige Heckgarage Großzügige Heckgarage spacer

The 50-litre fixed gas tank gives you even greater flexibility on the road.

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And now under your rules

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