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PRESS RELEASE A new car-style configurator now online

Polch, 2d August 2021:  Customers and fans of the brand now have full access to the complete Niesmann+Bischoff world with the new configurator, which can be started online on Homepage - Niesmann+Bischoff (niesmann-bischoff.com).

The brand now offers lovers of premium motorhomes the option of bringing the vehicle of their dreams immediately to life on the screen of their computer, tablet or phone in just a few clicks.


The configurator: just a few clicks and you are the designer of your own vehicle

Extremely easy to use, fluid and intuitive, this exploration tool also guides customers through the aesthetic choices to be made in fitting out their future vehicle.

Starting with the choice of model and then moving through exterior and interior options, the interactive tool guides the user through the eight steps required to quickly design the vehicle of their choice. At the end of the process, the user is given a costed summary of the chosen configuration which can be downloaded and saved in the form of a PDF file if desired.

A pioneer in the premium motorhome sector, Niesmann+Bischoff now goes one step further, guiding you through your choices with photos of each option to help you along the way. The configurator makes it impossible to select options already included in the packages. The configurator is extremely precise and will only offer options that are technically feasible in the layout chosen, taking all weights into account.

The Niesmann+Bischoff configurator makes it possible for anyone to view their motorhome down to the slightest detail, taking their own wishes and requirements into account at every step.



Plenty of models to discover with a virtual 360° guided tour

Niesmann+Bischoff’s website also allows users to move around inside the various models.
Discover the unique character of each motorhome in the 360° view.

Just jump on board.

Arto, Flair or iSmove, users won’t miss a single detail. Click on the pictogram below and experience the virtual guided tour.
You’ll find it in the configurator itself or in each of the different sections of the website:

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