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Press convention 2019 Arto and Smove with an automatic transmission on board

No more dealing the clutch: an infinitely variable 9-speed automatic transmission – for smooth gear changing and low fuel consumption

Polch, 4th July 2019 – Getting started and steering just got a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. As of model year 2020, the Arto and Smove will have a nine-speed automatic transmission on board. With the new automatic transmission – Flair drivers have been enjoying the convenience it offers for more than four years now – the gears shift even smoother and more fluid than before. Keeping an eye on the RPM is a thing of the past. “The integration of an automatic transmission significantly increases the driving comfort of both the Arto and Smove. During the smooth, stepless gear ratio changes, the traction is not interrupted, which reduces fuel consumption”, said Hubert Brandl, Managing Director of Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH. The new nine-speed automatic transmission is available as an optional extra. It will replace the automatic transmission from Fiat, which the company has removed from their range.

Newcomer Arto 82 E and new interior variants

The most sought-after layout in the Niesmann+Bischoff model range is currently the Arto 77 E. Adding half a metre to that results in the 8.34 metres of the new twin-axle Arto 82 E, which provides features such as an additional wardrobe for more storage space and will presumably win over a fan base of similar proportions. The table in the living area extends out. A solid sliding door separates the bedroom from the bathroom, which also features a wardrobe. The new Arto 82 E as well as the Arto 77 E and the seven Arto layouts 78 F, 85 E, 88 E, 88 EK and 88 LF belong to “Generation 2020”, which are also available with the new “face-to-face” interior layout. In this living area variant, the kitchen and sofa form a straight line behind the driver. The opposite side features a bench, which is also available with an optional fourth seat. Hubert Brandl: “In our new face-to-face variant, generosity meets up with comfort. Travellers can enjoy the additional space and room to move in the front portion of the motorhome – making it ideal for travelling couples.” The enlarged floor area also gives an accompanying dog enough space to stretch out all four legs.

In the new 2020 model year, all of the Arto and Smove layouts will be equipped with Fiat chassis and engines according to the emission standard Euro 6d-Temp. 140 PS are standard with the option of 160 or 180 PS, respectively.


Arto and Smove - automatic transmission

Arto 88EK - special painting

Arto 88EK - with awning

Arto 82E - 32 inch LED TV

Arto 82E - 32 inch LED TV

Arto 82E - 32 inch LED TV

New Layout Arto 82 E

Arto 82 E - Bathroom

Arto - The sports-car amongst motorhomes

Arto 82 EK, Arto 88 LF and Smove 7.4E

Arto 77 E und Arto 82 E

Arto 88 LF and Smove 7.4 E

curves tailor made to handle bends in the road

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