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PRESS RELEASE Launch of the iSmove 7.3 F

Polch, 27th July 2021: Only ten months have passed since Niesman+Bischoff have launched their new model range in the 3.5 t. category the iSmove.
Breaking all the rules with less than 3.5 tonnes but beyond all expectations.

What was first an incredible challenge for the manufacturer specialised in heavy liners has become a successful story: buyers visited dealerships even before the first models arrived on the market and Niesmann+Bischoff won straight away two significant awards: the Red dot 2021 and the European Innovation award.

After the successful launch of the floorplan 6.9 E Niesmann+Bischoff will be showing for the first time at their dealership the island bed version: the iSmove 7.3 F.

This floorplan is 30 cm longer than the single bed version and the generous bed of 2 meter length without the usual annoying “cuttings” in the foot area will be appreciated by numerous motorhome owners.
The iSmove 7.3 F offers lots of storage space in the bedroom with 4 large drawers under the bed, equipped with central locking, a wardrobe on one side with indirect lighting and mirror and a long sideboard on the other side of the bed. Additionally every step on the floor hides some additional storage room for shoes or divers accessories.

Even families with up to 5 persons can travel in the iSmove 7.3 F thanks to an optional folding seat fixed in the couch behind the passenger.
This 5th seatbelt – as in the Arto models – includes from model year 2022 on an ISOFIX fixation for motorhome owners enjoying their trips with children or grand children.

Feel like “walking around” in this model before visiting your dealer ?
Just click on this 360° interactive guided tour:


Don’t change a running team

No revolutionary changes in the Arto or Flair model ranges except for the attractive “Eifel grey” exterior paint (Eifel being the name of the volcanic region Niesmann+Bischoff’s factory is located in), which is now extended to these models after the success it achieved among the iSmove buyers

and a new Fiat Driving Comfort Pack pack offering a digital cockpit, a steering wheel & gear knob in leather with radio controls, a wireless phone charger and a battery main switch for the chassis battery.

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