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Open Days A celebratory Arto and 400 motorhomes from all over Europe

“Welcome!” The band Topsis created the perfect atmosphere right from the beginning in the big, colourful marquee – and their Arto was parked just a few metres away sporting its anniversary look. Quite fitting for our “Open Days”, the Bavarian cult band arrived in their Niesmann+Bischoff liner which the musicians are currently touring in to celebrate their 50-year anniversary. Needless to say, they certainly weren’t alone… more than 400 motorhomes could be found on our factory premises. As is tradition in November, many Niesmann+Bischoff fans once again made their way to Polch from all over Europe. The international licence tags said it all: DK, F, I, NL, B and GB could be found, and we also had visitors from Norway and the Czech Republic – and everyone was able to experience the multilingual tours through our production halls. The renowned premium quality “Made in Germany” was on display in our large exhibition halls: in addition to our new models, the new light-coloured alternative in our furnishing assortment “verade oak” (Modern line) piqued a great deal of interest. Many thanks for your fantastic feedback and such an impressive number of visitors! Huge compliments are also due to everyone involved – including suppliers, retailers and customer clubs. We were swept away to the realm of bees and honey by “beefuture”, while “Baristafabrik” took us to the world of coffee. The catering was also top quality once again this year. And although they’re still a while off – we’re more than ready for the next “Open Days”…

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