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Stranddeko – On Six Wheels with Four Paws

For a year now, our six wheels have been complemented by four little paws. Our terrier mix from an animal welfare organisation, Tilda – also known as toad or the horn of terror – is also extremely adorable and friendly.

True to her terrier character and despite weighing a mere six kilos, she has total control over both the campsite and us and keeps everyone in high spirits in the motorhome and on the beach J. She selected the lookout from the rear bed as her throne from day one.

We were often asked – why don’t you have a dog? Thanks to working more from home, we basically seized the opportunity. A dog is pretty perfect for motorhome life. And it’s only now that we’ve noticed that almost 50 percent of all motorhomes are home to a dog. We specifically wanted a “handy” size – bike-basket suitable. And nevertheless, our little button-eyed pooch can take up some serious space. Fortunately, our Arto still has enough room for dog food, toys, carriers and a bike basket!

And, of course, she’s selected the canine crème de la crème spots. She keeps an eye on everything from the dashboard and door, and in summer, from underneath the motorhome. Hmm, maybe we can teach her how to regularly check the underbody …

We know lots of you are already experienced dog owners. But perhaps we also have a few ideas that we can share with you on how to make your N+B even dog-friendlier.

For the front dashboard, we had a cobbler make a black leather mat to fit. The leather matches our interior leather, you don’t even notice it, it’s easy to clean and also protects the entire area. This is also where Tilda likes to watch over the Niesmann+Bischoff courtyard during the Open Day.

We also removed a hatch from underneath the bench seat to give our flea a little place of retreat. But because Tilda isn’t much of a cave dweller and would rather be right in the middle of things, the front seat is more preferred for a snooze. A chic N+B seat is simply a fabulous place to relax.

The shower is now home to a collapsible dog carrier, and we found one that fits perfectly in the shower tray. We put the carrier outside in summer since fifi likes to rest in there when things get a bit too busy and it’s time for her beauty sleep.

We glued pieces of felt to the steps to the rear bed to make it safe for her to hop up and down. The question as to whether our dog is allowed to be in the bed or not answered itself since she can get up and down on her own. And after she got sick right at the beginning of our first trip together and crawled trembling into bed with us, it was impossible to say no anyway. Thanks to a bedspread, our bed is now an official play and romp room. And since we sleep sideways, her basket is at what would be the foot of the bed. What can we say – the pack sticks together.

Our favourite gadget is a wood lattice for the windows. We can let fresh air in and her little terrier nose can safely have its “mad five minutes” without recklessly hopping out of the window :D

The lattice attaches to the hook and loop tape of the curtains, which makes it flexible. And in summer, it also fits in the door. Which is good, because when Tilda sees a cat, the insect screen is definitely NOT enough to hold her back. ;)

Beyond that, we also make sure our pup has a comfy spot outside. She likes a board bag and our big outdoor rug has proven to be popular. We’ve also noticed that your site preferences change when you have a dog. Spots with shade and woodland for walks have opened up a whole new world for us beach and asphalt junkies ;)


Speaking of new worlds. So all of the Stranddekos can enjoy the water as a trio, an inflatable fold-up canoe made its way into our rear garage. We used it to take our first cool paddle trips in Holland. Our next destination is the Baltic Sea in fall, and definitely Sweden next year. The fact that Tilda is a bit scared of water bummed us out a bit in the beginning. But it might also be good to not always have a wet dog running around in Marygold … and she might just warm up to water someday.

And last but not least, you also get a new hobby when you have a dog – the infamous dog leash origami. Look familiar? Sitting around like lazy people is now a thing of the past. But that’s also a good thing.

So now it’s finally time to hit the road, right?!

See you soon with our four paws on the go!
Your Stranddekos

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