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Hubert Brandl goes on holiday with his family in the Flair

The Whitsun holidays were just around the corner in Rhineland-Palatinate, so taking the new Flair for a spin seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Deciding on the destination was more difficult. The plan had been to go to Austria, but pretty bad weather had been forecast in the Klagenfurt area. Without further ado, new plans were made.

The decision was made to head to the Ruhr Valley. Whaaaat???? Germany’s industrial heartland? That doesn’t sound as romantic as Lake Wörthersee. But, the weather was meant to be fantastic and the boys, Samuel and Benji, had always wanted to go to the Centro shopping centre in Oberhausen. Although the women in the family weren’t as keen on the destination at first, the bags were packed, the bikes loaded, everything was stowed away, and off they went.

There’s ample room for up to five people to travel in the Flair. The rotating bench seat, which is also used in the iSmove, features seat belts for two people, and there is an optional extra seat on the passenger side that can be converted into a bench when you reach your destination.

Everyone was impressed when they arrived at the Marina Oberhausen motorhome campsite. The pitch was fantastic, right next to the water, and the views through the panoramic windscreen were incredible when the 9.30-metre long Flair was parked up. As the weather was so good, the sun loungers came out for a spot of sunbathing and relaxation.  The campsite and bathroom facilities are well maintained; electric hook-ups and dumping stations are available. Thanks to the Flair’s large tanks and self-sufficiency package, however, there was no need for them. ? It was brilliant that the Centro shopping centre was only a few minutes away on foot.

Early in the morning, a delicious breakfast was enjoyed by all at Café Alex in Oberhausen, then it was time for some shopping. No one was left out. Even Bob, the dog, enjoyed his walk around the Centro shopping centre.

In the evening, the kids really wanted to go to the cinema. Given the weather outside, the cinema was completely empty, so they got to enjoy the auditorium and the film all to themselves.

After two days, they were back on the road again, heading on to the Netherlands. The Duinrell Holiday Park was their destination. The weather was great when they arrived, and Benji helped them to navigate their way around the holiday park, past the bungalows and lodge tents, to their spot.

The Flair 920 didn’t have any problems finding a big enough pitch here. The plot chosen measured 18 x 8 metres. Plenty of room. The adjacent field was even big enough for the kids to kick a ball around; although it was a public holiday, there wasn’t very much going on the following day. The camping gear came out of the spacious garage, they sat down, put their feet up, watched their kids play and relaxed. Heaven.

After the drive, the seats with built-in safety belts can be easily converted back into a face-to-face seating area. Thanks to the 180° rotating cab seats, as well as the extendable and adjustable table, five people can comfortably sit around the table at breakfast.

The Duinrell Holiday Park blew everyone away. Situated just four kilometres from a vast and beautiful sandy beach, the holiday park has everything both young and old visitors could wish for.

The Tiki Pool is the water park at Duinrell, which has both an outdoor and indoor area, as well as an incredible 21 slides. Each one faster than the other. And each one more frightening than the other. Needless to say, Hubert Brandl had to try out every single one. There’s no way that the boys and Josephina would have allowed him to do anything less. You reach speeds of up to 60 km/h on some of the slides. “These speeds not only make your knees shake, but also put you at risk of having a heart attack,” says Hubert Brandl.

The campsite also includes an amusement park with over 40 attractions. It’s free for overnight guests of the holiday park and here too, there’s something for everyone – whatever their age. The kids certainly enjoyed it and all had a great time.

The attention to detail and beautiful design were really impressive. One benefit for campers is that they get the park almost completely to themselves in the mornings. People visiting the park for just one day arrive in dribs and drabs, as their entrance (including the ticket office) is on the other side of the park.

The beautiful and quaint village of Wassenaar is situated right next to the holiday park. It’s perfect for walks and short strolls.

And now a few more words about the Flair: Even on cooler evenings, there is plenty of room in the Flair. The kids chose the spots where they liked to chill out and spend their time, and there’s even plenty of room in the bathroom, which can be partitioned off from the living room, for getting ready. Nowhere is cramped. The glass partition to the rear area, which can be made opaque and transparent again at the touch of a button, makes the space feel open. As the evening approaches, the ambient lighting creates a really cosy atmosphere in the Flair.

And if the kids lie in too long again, Bob has his own way of saying: “Good morning, the sun is shining. I need to pop out. Who’s coming with me?” ?


Summing up the holiday in the Flair:

First of all, the family couldn’t have been happier with the amount of space in the Flair.
Johanna thought the bathroom/cupboard space was just awesome. The amount of space, not having to do without anything, and having enough room to get ready. And not having any issues with space in the cupboard, despite going on a shopping trip, was a highlight for her.

Hubert likes the view you get of the motorhome from the driver’s seat. Looking backwards, he finds the view of the cupboard, the lighting on it, as well as the large amount of unobstructed space stretching to the rear of the vehicle, simply stunning.

Samuel thought that the fixed tank toilet was brilliant. To explain: he no longer had to wheel along the toilet cassette to empty it. One less unpleasant job. ?

Benji really enjoyed chilling out in the rear bed and thought that the continuous power supply was handy, as his smartphone battery was always nicely charged.

Josephina thought that the partition wall between the bathroom and rear bed, which can be made transparent at the touch of a button, was a lot of fun.

As for Bob, he thought it was really exciting that he was allowed to tag along. Although he was still excited about sitting in the basket between the driver and passenger seats when they were driving, from the third day onwards, he also found lots of places to chill out and relax in the Flair.

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