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Racing driver Reuter drives the Smove Jump in and decelerate

Manuel Reuter looks back on his successful career as a racing driver. With more than 200 DTM races under his belt, he is one of the most successful touring car pilots in Germany. Even though his active service as a driver has come to an end, he is still highly involved in the racing sport, and shows great commitment to it. Accompanying him since this spring: the Smove 7.4 E. Manuel Reuter lives with his family and his two dogs in Austria. He took the time to answer a few questions for us on his new, dynamic companion.

Mr Reuter, would you say that there is a motorhome lifestyle? And can you say: “Once a motorhome, always a motorhome”?

Oh yes, of course there is a “motorhome lifestyle”. And once you have got in, that lifestyle doesn’t easily let go of you again! This is more than ever the case today; plenty of things have changed over the past ten years as far as the quality and interior fittings of motorhomes are concerned. But what really makes this lifestyle so special for me is to have familiar things around me.

“I always have my holiday penthouse with me. Wherever it takes me”.

It is this feeling of freedom; of being underway in one’s own four walls. I always have my holiday penthouse with me. Wherever I want to go. And of course there’s still a feeling of adventure involved, too. That has its own charm.

Since this spring, the Smove has been your companion; have you already had a Smove moment which sticks in your memory?

Yes: one such moment was on the journey to Merano in Bolzano. With the Smove, we were able to stop overnight in a wonderful location on the pass. Independent of wind and weather. A wonderful feeling. And to know: whenever I want to, I can set off on my travels. Everywhere. In the south, or also to Scandinavia. That’s freedom.

What do you love so much about being underway? Are there certain features in the interior fittings that you like?

It really is difficult to define particular details. In motor sports, we would say: The overall package simply works. Motorhomes are well-known for utilising restricted space in an intelligent way, and the Smove represents a particularly effective solution. One example of this is the roomy rear garage. I travel a lot, also as a triathlete, and can easily store my bicycle and other equipment, or my scooter, so that I can stay flexible when on holiday.

“Travelling in the Smove means a more relaxed way of getting to my destination”.

And the driving characteristics: The Smove comfort takes the pressure off long journeys. On the motorway, I drive a relaxed 110 or 120 km/h, and overtaking manoeuvres are also easy. A lot has happened in motorhome development. Travelling in the Smove means a more relaxed way of getting to my destination. For me, deceleration starts the moment I set off. And this relaxation applies not only to me as the driver, but also to our entire family. Even our two dogs profit from the journeys. They are less stressed by travel, as they are always in a familiar surroundings.

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