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Stranddeko mit Flair The “Queen”
and the sea!

Two young bloggers, the Flair and a long weekend by the North Sea. A field report about “beach decor”.

Bet you didn’t know we’re big fans of big cars? No really, we love them! And as you’ve surely noticed, each new motorhome is a little bit bigger than the last. But why is this? No idea — all that matters is that we agree on this fact!

And then one day we received a call from Niesmann & Bischoff asking us if we would like to drive a brand spanking new Arto for a few days and report about it. Silly question — of course we would!!!

And how often do you get the chance to drive your dream motorhome long before you could even think of buying one?

However, when the day actually arrived, the promised Arto had already been sold and we were offered a Flair instead!!! We were more than a little excited to receive this news... So our new ride turns out to be the “smallest” model in the Flair series, the 830 LE. We’ve gazed longingly at this vehicle in showrooms on many occasions. And how often do you get the chance to drive your dream motorhome long before you could even think of buying one? How does the Iveco handle? Will we like its size? Is it really harder to drive? A used Flair has long been at the top of our wish list, with the Arto being the more realistic option. Don’t worry — we still love our Princess more than ever! She’s currently on holiday at the factory in Polch, where she’s flirting with the Flairs while the great guys in the workshop perform a few tweaks (new battery computer and replacement heating cartridge for the fridge).

It’s now Thursday and we’re standing next to our loaner Flair (which is ready and waiting to go) in the reception hall in Polch. And we’re almost overcome with a sense of awe. It’s really big. We’re given a very detailed and thoroughly excellent tour, during which we emit numerous aaaahs and oooohs. There are a LOT of electrics and a toilet with a fixed tank. 205 PS, 8.30m long, 7.49t permitted total weight, 370l fresh water, Nespresso, rainforest shower. And those are just the features that spring to mind. Now we can’t wait to hit the road.

After the introduction, we find a quiet corner and start to rearrange our things. It takes us 1.5 hours — export from Arto, import into Flair. At the same time, we realise that we urgently need to clean out our Arto!

They really do look sweet together — but doesn’t our Princess look small! And as we always say, we don’t have a big motorhome!

Frohmi is particularly impressed with the Fair’s rear garage…and these pull-outs Soooo many hatches! Perfect for our wetsuits! And then we’re ready — let’s go! Bo is given the OK to drive us off the premises. And in all honestly we’d be lying if we said it took more than 2 1/2 minutes to get used to our new home. Initially with due caution, Bo quickly establishes that the Flair is very car-like to drive, and I immediately get the same impression as a passenger. It somehow feels more compact and manageable than our Arto.

We head to Holland, to the Brouwersdam (where else?). Over the next few days we get all kinds of weather — perfect for a “beach decor” weekend!For starters, storm-force-8 winds are expected today. The first real driving test for the Queen. (If our Arto is called “Princess”, then it’s only logical that the Flair is the “Queen”, right?)

Wheee! The Queen wobbles a touch more than our dainty twin-axle Arto! But let’s face it, we’re basically driving a mobile wall. And with side winds hitting a surface area of 8.30 x 3.35m, it’s only to be expected. So we just drive slowly...

When Frohmi exclaims that the Flair is too dirty for nice photos, Bo springs into action. Despite only having 2,000 km on the clock, the front is already plastered with dirt and grime — time to give the Queen a royal bath! And we know a great carwash in Dirksland. Well? Notice anything familiar about the name? So we make a detour for a quick shampoo session. Always fun!

We arrive at the dam with the Queen sparkling in the sunshine — right away we take the opportunity to snap some great photos of her Highness. And we have to admit, we’re already well and truly, head-over-wheels in love!

In fact, we’re so besotted that we buy a tasty portion of chips from a fast-food stall and head back inside the Flair for some more aaaahs and ooohs.

Later, we park up at the drive-in campsite in Ouddorp (again, where else?). We fall into bed, dog-tired but happy. From our beds, the dimensions feel very similar to the Princess, and we sleep really well, full of excitement for tomorrow.


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