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Caravan Salon Düsseldorf Individually into the model year 2019

From “Miami Blue” to “Frozen Cashmere Metallic”

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf: Niesmann+Bischoff puts plenty of colour and five new layouts on the road in model year 2019 

Polch/Düsseldorf, 24th August 2018 – Innovative by tradition: Niesmann+Bischoff also knows how to make a bold statement at the Caravan Salon 2018. In new surroundings – hall 5, stand A05 – the motorhome specialist from Polch will be presenting a total of 18 vehicles from its innovative fleet on exactly 1,866 square metres until 2d September. The nine Arto, six Flair and three Smove layouts provide a comprehensive overview of what is possible and attainable in terms of features, comfort and design in model year 2019. Niesmann+Bischoff has added a bold pop of colour this year: the Smove 7.4 E impresses in “Frozen Red Metallic” while the new Arto 88 LF can be seen in “Pure Metal Silver”. The new Flair 920 EK will also be on display in Düsseldorf in “Frozen Cashmere Metallic”.

Customized solutions: personalised both inside and out

Exclusive full-body paint schemes are part of the customisation programme developed by the team headed by Managing Director Hubert Brandl. For those who like things toned back a bit, five contemporary designer sticker packages ranging from “Lava Orange” to “Miami Blue” are available for the front and rear walls, aprons and mirror caps. Highlighting the side walls with premium decorative foil is yet another option. Hubert Brandl said: “We are resolutely continuing our strategy to provide even more customisation options. You might say that the custom-tailored solutions we are familiar with in the automotive sector are a part of our DNA – for both exterior and interior design. In model year 2019, the interior is available in an array of new furniture décors, contemporary upholstery colours and a bright new ambience.” Visitors will be able to experience it all live in Düsseldorf: the new configuration tool will go online during the show, making it possible for every interested customer to individually outfit their own motorhome.

Another new addition to the 2019 model generation: the Flair 880 EK

One of the new layout highlights at the Caravan Salon will be the Flair 920 EK. Its key features include an enlarged kitchen worktop, which is optionally available in a mineral composite material, plus a lounge offering enough space for four people and a convenient sideboard on the passenger side – for even more functional comfort in the living area. The feedback on this layout has already been so positive that Niesmann+Bischoff will now also be adding an additional version for model year 2019 which is roughly 40 centimetres shorter – the Flair 880 EK. With this model, the manufacturer is responding to a specific request for a shorter Flair layout with a more generous kitchen worktop. The vehicle will presumably go “live” at the CMT show next January in Stuttgart. In addition to the Flair 920 EK and the Flair 880 EK, the Flair 920 LB completes the assortment of new arrivals to the model range. The bar version with longitudinal beds – and a layout identical to the best-selling 920 LS model – also has two additional wardrobes on board. When it comes to the Arto, the new 88 LF is a stand-out model. Its layout is the first to feature the combination of a spacious luxury bathroom and a comfortable queen-size bed which is 1.5 metres wide. The fourth of the newcomers from Polch is the Arto 88 B. In addition to its spacious and distinctive bathroom, the rear area of the new bar version also accommodates two single beds, each with a length of two metres, to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Individualization 'Miami Blue'

Individualization 'Lava Orange'

Individualization 'Green Elox'

Individualization 'Champagne-Matt'

Individualization 'Carbon Optic'

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