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beefuture partnership Honey bees, flying between motorhomes and Polch lilies

A commitment to protecting nature and the environment: Niesmann+Bischoff plans to operate two beehives on the company’s premises

 Polch, 7 June 2018 – In terms of our planet’s ecological balance, bees are every bit as important as the air we breathe. More than 80 per cent of the flowering plants in this country depend on bees for their pollination – making the current threat of worldwide extinction facing bee populations all the more tragic. Among the causes of this disaster are pesticides, monocultures and climate change. In partnership with the “beefuture” initiative, Niesmann+Bischoff has decided to show its commitment to reversing this peril – by establishing and operating two beehives on its factory premises in Polch, which have now been delivered. “By keeping bees in a manner that is both species-appropriate and close to nature, we aim to do our part to ensure these important and industrious creatures can continue to exist. Biodiversity is a precious asset that is worth protecting, and one which we and our employees are very happy to support here in Polch,” says Tobias Weiß, Managing Director of Niesmann+Bischoff. The company’s commitment is a result of the Erwin Hymer Group’s partnership with the “beefuture” initiative, which sees Christian Hymer acting as patron for the cross-brand project. As he helps to set up the beehives, Tobias Weiß remarks: “We are already looking forward to the first jar of Niesmann+Bischoff branded honey.”

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